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Saving Water

صرفه جویی در مصرف آب

It’s better to call it preserving water drops

Life without water is unimaginable and according to si-fi movies, it will be one of the main sources of conflict which worlds and even universes will fight for in the future. However, in our time, we take it for granted and let this free bounty of nature go to waste unchecked and without any fear of the lack of it what might bring upon us. But, it’s just in our gene, in our mind, and in our system as human beings: we never know what we have until we’ve utterly lost it.

That’s why we need to save this refreshing life-giving drink and be grateful to the lord that has so generously blessed it on us. We all have to come together and start preserving this irreplaceable substance so even the next terminator-world generations won’t feel the need to pull the trigger over it.

The best way to save water is to pay close attention every time we open a tap or wash something in the sink or water the flowers with a hose. And yes, even the small steps counts and mounts up when everybody start to believe it.

We wouldn’t said it if there weren’t lots who would just let the water go down the drains…literally! They have no regards whatsoever for this transparent, colorless, and odorless …. Of life/

We all love our selves and our bodies and the loved ones that fill our lives and would rush to the closes tap to prove this love by pouring a fresh glass of perfectly-filtered and sanitized water and offering it to our own body our to the body of those dearest to us. And this is just at 1% drop in the water levels in our body and we go ballista! Put half of that passion into saving the liquid that saves us an we will never have to worry about draughts, thirst, lack of water, and baron lands.

So, lets show our love to the drops of water

Ways to preserve water levels

  • Agriculture

Most of our used water goes to the agriculture sector and efficient methods of using this scarce resource play a fundamental part in preserving it.

Drip irrigation is one of the most natural ways of giving the land the water it needs, as the gods had intended it.

It’s best that we follow in the same footsteps which not only benefits us, but it also benefits the flora life.

Make sure that you water your crops or fields before the dusk (really early in the morning) or after sunset so the water wouldn’t get vaporized and wasted.

We could also retain the waste-waters for indoor plants and green-life.

  • Industry

Industrial manufacturers and factories rely heavily on ground/underground supplies of water to keep their productions running. In Iran, and in an awful oversight, some of the major industrial settlements have been running in the water-scarce southlands where arid climate is just a part of the everyday life.

  • Domestic Water Consumption

Nearly none of us can’t get out the house without somehow throwing some part of our body under water or just sipping a glass of it. We’re so off in our own fairly-lands of sedentary that we no longer possess the imaginative creativity to picture life without it.

It’s imperative to kick ourselves back into the real world where the threat of running out of water is of essence. We need to treat every drop like it’s the last one relentlessly falling from the tip of the spout.

  • When we shower

Ordering the right shower head with the most-efficient aerator and air to water ratio is crucial. Do that and you’ll enjoy a reduction in water-consumption cost and the green reinforcement you committed.

·      Cutting down shower time

  • Bathroom Time
  • Let’s give brushing teeth without letting water running from the spout and keeping only the amount we need in a glass a shot.
  • Reinstall under sink and waste disposal pipes so that water is only used for sanitary purposes and the need of flushing the toilet dissipates.
  • Restroom

Small flushes for smaller toilets and urinals

Putting a sand-filled bag inside the toilet set to decrease water consumption

Turn the tap off while not in need

  • Kitchen

Keeping a …. Of water in the fridge will reduce the need for tap water and tap turning

To wash vegetables, it’s just easier to keep a bucket full of fresh water and sanitizers

If water disposal is closed during dishwashing, it would benefit all

However, the best option is to just hire a dishwasher

Waste-water should be used to wash

To clean up the wash sink first scrub the floor with a wet towel then begin the water spray.

Washing the dishes right after the meal will lead into less water consumption and faster cleaning.

It’s more energy efficient and water preserving to use electric tea makers instead of the ………ones since they don’t need to always be on the plug and waste water and gas.

  • Other general

AC units waste water can be collected to be used for washing, sanitary purposes, and indoor plant watering.

Utilize leveler handle or proximity-sensor faucet to prevent water drop loss.

To wash the car, it’s better to take a bucket or just take it to the nearest most convenient carwash. The pros won’t use drinkable water to clean the stain off your car.

Even turning off the tap or shutting off the faucet one second sooner can do wonders. Never underestimate the green effect of these epsilonic time-saves.

Never give in to the thought that if someone else is paying for it, it’s any less of a responsibility on you — especially in public buildings like hotels and hospitals.

Sometimes water loss can’t be seen and despite your fanatical carefulness, the numbers on the water bill don’t add up as you would’ve thought. If that’s the case, then you need to hail a professional plumber and have them take a loot at the house’s internal plumbing; more often than not, a pipe has silently popped or is leaking. Don’t hesitate!

IF you’re going on a trip, don’t forget to put “shut off the main water supply” on your to-do list. Catastrophic is merely a blow-cushion if you forget to do so!

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