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Suneeya Sanitary wares

The purchase of sanitary valves is one of the most enjoyable and exciting part of building construction, because they give beauty and efficiency to our workplace and home.

Choosing beautiful valves at a reasonable price shows your individual taste. Beauty and variety are the most salient advantages of Suneeya valves. The products are made of brass with chrome, matte chrome, gold, white gold and black coating.

All kinds of kitchen sink valves

  1. Single faucet: 360 degree rotating swivel head, suitable for single or double  basin sinks.

  2. Long-neck kitchen faucet: Faucets with 50 cm dishwasher hose, suitable for large double basin sinks.

  3. Double outlet water tap for municipal and purified water, suitable for faucets equipped with water purifier connected directly to the dishwasher tap. These faucets discharge two types of water without interference.

  4. Sprayer spring faucet allowing to cleanup at a distance of 30 cm around.

  5. Pot filler faucet, installed next to the stove, facilitates the filling of water pots on the stove. It can provide up to 60cm of valve distance, easily assembled with two hinges and guided to the kitchen wall.

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